Priorities for multi-media reporting

As someone obsessed with all things news, and has reported via print and TV, I believe the most essential priority for multi-media reporting is to always be certain that the platform chosen for your story is a good fit.  For example, if a story has no good video options perhaps it should be written as an article instead.  The easiest thing to do is take a step back and ask, “Does the (insert media platform here) do this story justice?” 

Another priority is working well in a team.   It’s likely that you’ll work with a lot of people inside and outside the newsroom.  Multi-media reporters need to collaborate and delegate.  Even if you’re not the boss your reliance on others means it’s important to give instruction and input on your stories, but without being rude or overbearing. 

Finally, the priority that is important now more than ever is to stay on top of it!  Like it or not, more skills equate to a better chance of obtaining a job.  Reporters are expected to do everything and still meet the same deadlines. Always be able to keep up and prepare for the next thing or else you’ll find yourself behind the competition.


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