Photo ideas

I’ve taken a few creative photos for the upcoming photo assignments due this week.  My story for convergence class is about a farm in Boone County called the Salad Garden that is certified organic and uses a solar irrigation system.  The farmers/owners of the Salad Garden have a tent at the farmer’s market. On Saturday I shot my scene-setter, portrait, and detail photos.  Before going to the market I knew I wanted to achieve some of the photo components discussed in the readings such as composition, simplicity, balance, and framing.

For composition I focused on paying attention to the rule of thirds.  As I looked through the lense I pictured an imaginary grid over the image.  This helped me line up the photo so it’s more visually appealing.

Simplicity, as mentioned in “The Five Basic Rules of Shot Composition”, is something I had to keep in mind as I was at the farmer’s market taking photos.  I tried to focus on the simplistic shots such as close-ups of produce and people rather than only capturing the chaos of the market.

Another rule is balance.  Creating a good balance of colors can prevent the picture from becoming too busy. The vegetables at the tent offered a variety of colors.  I really enjoyed trying out different ways to combine the colors of chili peppers and other produce to create a balanced photo.

Framing is another rule that I was able to experiment with.  I found some interesting frames just by paying attention to the way the vegetables were layed out on the table in square baskets.

Finally, the rule I’m working on the most is playing with the depth of field.  It’s sometimes hard to obtain the results I want because I haven’t quite mastered the camera settings, but I hope to obtain more creative shots when I visit the Salad Garden farm on Monday.


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