In the future

After doing my first NPR-style piece for 7802 I learned a few things to make my next story better.  I think the most important thing I learned from class is to talk more conversationally when doing my voice-over.  Through my experience in the past in broadcasting I believe I focused perhaps too much on enunciating my words.  I forget that you should talk to the listeners in a more casual way so that you don’t appear too formal and come across as snooty.

Also,  I think I will do a much better job next time in editing my sound bites.  For my first piece I had some pops and I think that can be fixed by simply taking more time to thoroughly edit the sound.

Overall, the critiques in class helped to show me how radio stories differ from TV because when you solely rely on audio it’s one-hundred times more important to make sure you paint a good imaginary visual with your audio.


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