Good example of journalistic VO

Today, I think perhaps the best example of how video can tell a story is shown by the video of the IndyCar drivers salute to Dan Wheldon.  IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon died Sunday in a 15-car crash at the Las Vegas Indy 300.  This video shows how in stories such as this, images are all that is needed to reveal the emotions of the situation.  In this video the somberness and sadness of the moment is told simply by watching the cars slowly do the five laps.  And by combining that profound image with close shots of the people at the race, we see what they are feeling in that exact moment.

This story of grief and loss could be told through the quotes of those at the race and those close to Dan, but even those quotes would not show the intense emotion that took place so soon after his death.  By capturing this on video we are also able to relive that moment of the cars taking laps and relive the moment of silence in the video.  The natural sound in the video is important for telling the story as well because at any normal race the track would be filled with loud sounds of racing cars and the cheering crowd, but this video is characterized by a quieter sound of the cars and almost no sound from the audience.  The IndyCar video is an good example of how video brings the viewer to a place of emotion and understanding that words cannot always express.


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