Lessons learned

When doing my TV package on The Salad Garden farm I experienced several technical issues.  I’ve found that using the small cameras that do everything automatically has been a big adjustment for me.  This is clear by the lighting of my interview with Dan Kuebler.  When I was out on the field the lighting looked normal on the LCD screen; however, I could immediately tell when I was capturing it that the iris was too low.  Another disapointment was how the camera was angled upwards at him instead of straight on. 

I feel although my background is in broadcasting I could probably take a few cues from the tips given by the Berkley reading by simply being better prepared before I went out to shoot.

I also feel that perhaps the issue of my story wasn’t the best visually.  The issue of sustainability is difficult to express using a montage of shots on the farm.  Therefore, I also think I could have written the script better to follow the “say it, show it” motto.

And as we discussed in class, there should have been more detail shots in the package.  So, needless to say, I have a lot of planning to do before my next TV package.


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