Personal goals

Some of my personal goals for the final project include obtaining good audio to be combined with photos and expanding my skills in Dreamweaver.

Overall, I hope to learn how to tell our story, which is still not determined due to some setbacks, in a comprehensible way to the public.  By this I mean telling each element of the story with the right form of media.  This could be difficult and the task is very daunting to me at the moment because there will be a lot of planning involved in order to know exactly what elements belong as video, audio, or photo.

I feel my story in the first half of the semester helped me somewhat with this, but knowing what is best visually and what is best through text or audio isn’t that difficult when covering a farm.  Now, Charles and I will (hopefully) be covering the issue of homeless families or veterans, which could lead to much more confusion on what medium is best to tell these more complex stories.  I feel by the end of this final project I will have a better understanding of using different media to their best ability.


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