Incorporating feedback

The class project Charles and I are working on is off to a slow but steady start.  I honestly feel as though we haven’t gotten the chance to incorporate much of the feedback in our current project considering we have only been able to interview one student veteran.  We have another student veteran to interview today and Charles is getting pictures and we discussed how we need to get a lot more detail shots.  I think that is the key feedback I got from my photo and video critiques so, as long as we continue to remember detail shots, our work will improve.

When I interviewed someone a couple days ago I made sure to triple check that everything looked and sounded well.  I don’t believe I’ve gotten specific feedback yet for my TV package, but I know that one of my interviews for that had bad sound and lighting so that is one technical issue that I’m making sure won’t happen again.

Overall, I’m worried about how all of these elements will coordinate together on our site and we still have a lot of planning to do to figure that out.  I think I will feel the improvement in my work once I get out and do more interviews and take more pictures.


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