Hot, cheap and kosher

“A regular dog, chips and a drink for three bucks-you can’t beat that,” says Jim Stewart, hot dog vendor for Mizzou hot dogs.
The steam from the small food stand on 9th street is a welcome sign of heat on a cold day like today.
Stewart, 47, has worked off and on at the stand for about a year. He says the Hebrew National’s keep him warm as they boil.
Every day Stewart vends he eats a hot dog, but he says he doesn’t have a favorite. One combination he thought was strange, but has started to enjoy is cheese, chili and mustard.
While the aluminum foil crunches as Stewart wraps it around the buns, he says what he enjoys about his job are the people he meets.
“Man it’s just fun, you get to meet all the different people. There’s always something interesting going on. I’ve seen people wipe out on bicycles right here,” Stewart says. “You see crazy stuff out here. You see it all.”




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