Challenges and benefits

The challenges of working as a group for this final project have been similar to challenges I’ve faced in previous projects such as struggling to come to a complete consensus on our goals as well as figuring out how to get things done around both of our busy schedules.  Charles and I have found recently that we’re both pretty indecisive people when it comes to the design of our website so that has been an issue when figuring out simple things like the font style on the site.  I wouldn’t have expected little things like this to take so long to decide between us, but I think that’s okay in a way because it shows that we both really care how our end product turns out.  Other challenges have been struggling to decide the exact wording of our mission and nut graph, but I feel as though we’ve made very good progress.

The benefits I’ve experienced from this group work are that my partner and I both have different skill sets that we bring to the table.  Charles does very well with the web/technology and I have a background in broadcast so I enjoy getting a lot of the video.  I think learning some of the extra skills that Charles knows about building websites is going to be a great benefit to me.

Thus far, our project is coming along well and, aside from doing some final editing and web design, we have nearly all of the materials needed.


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