Whether it be for TV, radio or print, much of Gina’s work is a combination of various mediums. This page features her blogs for National Geographic Weekend and the radio shows she produced for Global Journalist in 2012.

National Geographic Weekend:

Australia’s ‘Black Elvis’: Songs of Aboriginal Heritage – This was a fun blog I did about Roger Knox, an Aboriginal Country singer that was a guest on the show.

Guests Across The Globe – Here I made an extensive Google Map with points all over the world for each of the radio show’s guests for the first six months of 2013. You can interact with the map below:

NG Weekend Reflects on Life of Tim Samaras – This was the first blog I wrote for the show, and an interesting one. Stormchaser Tim Samaras died in a record tornado just hours after National Geographic Weekend interviewed him over the phone. This blog was the first to release quotes from that last interview and is a simple compilation of the highlights from his career and previous interviews.

Global Journalist:

Curtailing Drug Violence in Mexico

Growing Tensions in Egypt

Political Division in Ukraine

Pakistan’s Investigative Pioneer

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